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Jewelry, what women and men both love, women love wearing it and men love seeing their women in it.  Jewelry has been around for 25000 years, from a simple fishbone necklace we’ve come to gold, silver, platinum and emerald jewelry.

Jewelry is what makes women come closer and shop together. Jewelry is as important as your OOTD as it enhances the outfits impact even more. You can create new innovative outfit ideas just buy costume jewelry and no one would ever know. The question arises, from where do we buy costume jewelry? Well Amore Jewels of course, being one of the best costume jewelry shops in the UK. Where else, you can get the most trendy costume jewelry including cheap costume jewelry, women’s costume jewelry and even diamond costume jewelry.

You don’t need real diamonds and emeralds to look fabulous. You are gorgeous as you are and throwing in some costume jewelry and even an average-looking outfit, you’d look breathtaking! Trust us.

There are ways to do these things, ways we will tell you! So thaBroochest you can look fabulous and luxurious while saving money, who says rich people have all the fun. Of course everyone wants a real diamond or emerald once in their lifetime, but what about everyday life? Costume jewelry is the way to go. Let’s venture in what can be done, which is beautiful yet cost effective.

Everyday Wear Women Costume Jewelry

Dark jeans topped with a white lace sweetheart neckline crop top… pretty basic right? Let’s spice things up with a petite golden round multilayer chain necklace. For the ears we can go for a classic style stainless steel golden hoop earrings that would complement your face and open hair. You see! Something so simple, black and white; can be spiced up to be trendy and fashionable. We didn’t even have to go over the top with our styling, it just clicked.

This is what jewelry has to be, a little zing in the concoction. For every random average outfit, you will ever wear, make sure you have minimalistic simple jewelry so that you stand out even in those monotonous boring days. Life can be boring sometimes; your outfit doesn’t have to be.

Date Night Women Costume Jewelry

Minimalistic and simple isn’t all we’re talking about, you want to glam up for a date night out with your beau, say no more, let’s pick out our outfit! So, bae is taking you out on a fancy dinner date, we need a dress! Let’s go with a black backless fishtail maxi that hugs your curves beautifully. A silver choker with round pendants across the neck, petite dangling silver earrings to compliment the curls and the finishing touch, a Boho back jewelry belt to make him go insane for you! He wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes or hands off of you.

Fashion Week

Fashion week in Milan! Its dress to impress ladies and gents! Now what can we do here? Its fashion week so everyone’s going to be there, and you have the opportunity to go! Have to make it count. Dress pant and shirt with a heavy necklace? Too formal. Simple dress with jewelry as embroidery? Hmm maybe? Let’s go with that! How about a strapless dark green satin split dress with golden heels, chunky gold earrings and sparkle pave diamante rhinestone… oh we can already see the heads turning towards you!

Beautiful, gorgeous stones studded jewelry, who wouldn’t be excited for it? Worrying about where to buy costume jewelry from? Don’t! Amore Jewel has you covered, you name it, and we have it. We even got your own costume jewelry shop. You can find, pendants, shoulder jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, jewelry sets and brooches. All to your liking!

Amore jewels will not disappoint you even in the least, their costume jewelry is highly appreciated, it is of high quality and whenever you wear it, you won’t feel as if the emerald, old or solver aunt real! Many people can’t afford to look fabulous, their needs are fulfilled and wants left unheard. For them they have their cheap costume jewelry collection, but don’t you worry, the quality and make of the product is still exquisite. Loving yourself, dressing up and looking beautiful is everyone’s right and Amore jewels understands that. We are here to enhance your already beautiful self!

Women prioritize jewelry more than men, not that men don’t or can’t wear it, but women and jewelry have an unbreakable bond. With a pair of earrings and necklace, you can’t stop her from conquering anything! How do these connect you ask? Well, when you feel beautiful and confident in your skin and then wear beautiful trinkets and jewels… oh! The power, the confidence that surges through the veins. You can do anything when you feel as if you are everything.

Amore jewel’s women’s costume jewelry collection offers a wide variety of necklaces, pendants, earrings, anklets, body jewelry and so much more. From petite necklaces and chokers for girls to heavy jewelry sets for women, Amore jewels understands what you desire.

You can buy jewel studded bras here as well, no one said jewelry had to be only a complimenting factor in the outfit, it can also be the outfit! A golden jewel studded bra with a white suit, if you aren’t turning heads at that party or club, something is wrong with people!

Checkout Our Collection of Costume Jewelry Now

Costume jewelry is often looked down upon as it isn’t the real thing and if you’re wearing something, it should be real. That’s really not true, if you’re wearing something, you should like it and it should look breathtaking on you, that’s it. That’s all you need to see and know before you buy something for yourself. Why waste money on one necklace when you can buy 0 different ones for 10 different outfits and then mix and match them for another 20 outfits. Costume jewelry gives you the opportunity to spread your wings and fly higher, explore what you can do with your outfit and in how many different ways you can style yourself without spending too much.

Costume jewelry gives you the chance to do more for yourself and Amore jewels provide you with whatever you need, highly affordable, free delivery, free returns and money back guarantee. Don’t like something, return it, we’ll accept it without any hassle. We aim to create a safe, worry free, fun environment for our ladies and gents who wish to look their best.
We understand your passion and want to assist you in feeling beautiful.

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